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Stick to Your Diet, Order Half Sizes

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The easiest way to cheat on your diet starts out innocently enough. It’s a colleague’s birthday, an anniversary, or a night out with friends. You’re at a restaurant, and all of the dishes just look so good. How can you avoid the tantalizing pasta or sizzling sirloin and stick with a boring salad?

Don’t be miserable while your friends indulge. Order what you want, but avoid the hundreds of extra calories prepared foods will cost you. Order the HALF SIZE portion. Most restaurants do not have this option on their menu, but if you simply ask, most are glad to prepare it. Best of all, this can cut costs as well as calories. It may also be noted as the appetizer portion in the menu, but check to see what size it is – sometimes the appetizer portion can be nearly as loaded with calories and fat as the main event. In case the restaurant does not offer half sizes, just ask to be served only half of the meal, and for the other half to be boxed to take home with you.

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