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The Alternate Day Diet

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Do you despise dieting? Is it hard for you to control your cravings day after day? If so, you may be a good candidate for the Alternate Day Diet, described by Dr. James Johnson in his 2008 book. On Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, you can indulge yourself in absolutely anything. But on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you stick to a strict regime of low-fat yogurt, lettuce, fruits, and veggies.

The Alternate Day Diet is based on animal studies in which mice who were only fed every other day experienced incredible health benefits, including increased longevity. Since it would be difficult/dangerous for humans to do the same, instead of not eating, Dr. Johnson proposes that you ‘nibble.’ A typical M/W/F diet for him includes a protein shake, a salad, broth-based soup, and a piece of fruit – and that’s all you eat for one entire day. He takes in about 20% of his typical caloric intake on his dieting days. However, once you’re in the maintenance phase, you can eat about 30-50% of typical intake on your MWF dieting days.

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