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Biogrrl's blog

Back again!

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It's been forever since I posted anything on here (well, 2 weeks anyway). I've been sick for the past couple weeks (nothing major) but have had really low energy and been sleep-deprived, but am starting to feel better, woooooo!
So, I've only been walking and elliptical training for exercise, with the occasional weight training and pilates. Today I'll be getting back into my regular training, and remembering to do ab work on most days as my core strength is still really poor and it's been 8 months now since having a baby! Time sure does fly...

mmmmm Nap

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Hi! I just had a gooood nap. I don't nap often enough (who does!), but bebe was up several times last night so I needed one! Going out for a walk now. Yesterday did elliptical training (20 mins) and pilates (30 mins.)I'll see how I feel after my walk, maybe will do some weight training today as well!



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I keep forgeting to post, I'll get the hang of this soon! I was hoping that keeping track of my exercise routine would motivate me to work out regularly...
I'm finding it hard to stay on top of my strength training and pilates. I've been doing cardio regularly. Most days I do between 45-90 mins. usually walking in hilly areas. I'm finding that by the time I'm done cardio though I'm often too tired and unmotivated to do strength training.

Last Few Days

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Hi all, it's been a few days, here's what I've been up to...
Monday-unplanned day off-was too tired to exercise, although I know that's a bad excuse!

Tuesday- 1hr.15 min. hill climb/descent walk
-'skullcrushers' 3 sets @10 lbs
-close grip tricep bench- 4 sets @15lbs.

Wednesday-45 min hilly walk
-20 mins. pilates

My goal over the next week is to continue gaining strength and endurance and to be more consistent with my routine, especially the pilates that I miss some days...

bye for now! :-D

Lazy Weekend

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Hi all!
Yesterday was a lazy day....didn't exercise at all.
Today I went for a 45 minute walk in our neighbourhood and picked a street with a steady incline all of the way to the top.
Then I did biceps (I've decided to do 1 body part/day in addition to the pilates I do every second day). I'm just starting out again with weightlifting so am doing light weights. For the past year while I was pregnant as well as for a few months post-pregnancy, I have been doing some weight training, but have been using light weights and have not had a consistent routine.
Bicep workout:
4 sets bicep curls @ 10lbs

Biogrrl's workout

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Hi all, forgot to post yesterday...
Here was my workout:

1 hour walk on hilly terrain
30 mins. pilates

I'm so happy I've started working out consistently. I already feel stronger and healthier and have more energy. :)

Post-pregnancy workout

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Hello all, this is my first time blogging about anything so I'll try to keep it up!
So....I recently had a sweet little baby girl, and decided today to bring her swimming with some other moms. I haven't really been into any major training since having the baby, and have lost only 5 pounds of 'baby weight' so far, and I figured a lot of the other new moms would still be a bit heavy too. As I walked past all the bikini-clad, flat-stomached moms, I realized, somewhat embarassed, that I was wrong. So after getting depressed and having a mocha and treat at Starbucks, I decided that I need to seriously start working out again.

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