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Miss Canada Petite 2010-11

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Miss Canada Petite 2010-11 Teri Mann

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Miss Canada Globe Productions is proud to announce that Teri Mann has acclaimed the title of Miss Canada Petite 2010-11. Miss Canada Globe Productions is the third largest beauty and brainpower pageant, and is the only organization that has the Miss Canada Petite category.

The Alternate Day Diet

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Do you despise dieting? Is it hard for you to control your cravings day after day? If so, you may be a good candidate for the Alternate Day Diet, described by Dr. James Johnson in his 2008 book. On Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, you can indulge yourself in absolutely anything. But on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you stick to a strict regime of low-fat yogurt, lettuce, fruits, and veggies.

The Alternate Day Diet is based on animal studies in which mice who were only fed every other day experienced incredible health benefits, including increased longevity. Since it would be difficult/dangerous for humans to do the same, instead of not eating, Dr. Johnson proposes that you ‘nibble.’ A typical M/W/F diet for him includes a protein shake, a salad, broth-based soup, and a piece of fruit – and that’s all you eat for one entire day. He takes in about 20% of his typical caloric intake on his dieting days. However, once you’re in the maintenance phase, you can eat about 30-50% of typical intake on your MWF dieting days.

America is on a Sumo Wrestler’s Diet

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By Bonnie Pfiester
Have you ever wondered what Sumo wrestlers eat to look the way they do? Recently, out of curiosity, I decided to do my own research and I was shocked at my findings. The Sumo diet looked a little too familiar.

First, Sumo wrestlers typically eat only two times a day, skipping breakfast to keep their metabolism low. This is also a common practice in America. Whether it’s a lack of time or appetite, many people skip breakfast. I don’t know about you, but the next time I’m tempted to skip breakfast I’ll picture myself as a Sumo wrestler.

The next rule for the overweight athlete is to nap after eating. Their secret to gaining weight is to sleep for at least 4 hours after each meal. Although most American’s don’t take 4-hour naps, we typically return to our office chair with little activity.

Fry Your Quads with One Simple Exercise and Two Secret Moves

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By Dr. David Berman

One of my all-time favorite exercises is the Wall Sit. And though I like doing it personally, that’s not the reason it’s my favorite exercise. I like teaching it to others, and watching them experience “the burn” for the first time. The look on their face is priceless.

Since this is an article, I will be denied the pleasure of watching your face the first time you feel “the burn” – But I’m not going to let that stop me or you. All you need to do this exercise is a wall, a stop-watch or timer, and some intestinal fortitude.

Maybe you’ve heard of the Wall Sit, and perhaps you think you already know how to do it. If so, get ready for some new twists.

Stick to Your Diet, Order Half Sizes

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The easiest way to cheat on your diet starts out innocently enough. It’s a colleague’s birthday, an anniversary, or a night out with friends. You’re at a restaurant, and all of the dishes just look so good. How can you avoid the tantalizing pasta or sizzling sirloin and stick with a boring salad?

Don’t be miserable while your friends indulge. Order what you want, but avoid the hundreds of extra calories prepared foods will cost you. Order the HALF SIZE portion.

Yo-Yo Dieting v.s. Long Term Success

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What it Takes to Lose the Weight and Keep it Off

By Lauren Showers

The government estimates that $33 billion is spent on weight loss products and services each year. That is a lot of money, but with all that dough going towards losing weight, why are we still seeing rising numbers in obesity every year? Maybe the money is going in the wrong places. Fad diets and gimmicks are too numerous to count these days and without the right education on how your body responds to nutrition how are you to know what is going to work for you or what is healthy for your body?

Never fear, Lauren is here to help. First, I want to make sure that if losing weight is a goal of yours, you will always put health as your number one. You should never try to lose weight at the expense of your health. This means putting harmful stimulants into your body, not eating appropriate amounts of food, or trying to lose too much weight. A healthy approach will always turn out to be more beneficial than any superficial or overboard attempt.

First African Amercian Couple on a Canadian Fitness Magazine

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Obi Obadike, Francisca Dennis, Inside Fitness, and Paul Dillett of the WBFF have made history by helping to produce the first Black male and female fitness model couple on the cover of a Canadian Fitness Magazine. Obi and Francisca were featured on the Winter issue of Inside Fitness, which is the #1 fitness magazine in Canada.

Obi Obadike, as you may know, is a major contributor over at His quick rise in the fitness modeling has caused him to receive a lot of attention and we’re sure to see more of him in the future.
In September of this year, Obi was part of the first African-American couple on the cover of a U.S. fitness magazine. He appeared on the cover of Max Sports Fitness Magazine along with our own fitness writer and celebrity trainer Basheerah Ahmed. Second, he was the first African-American male fitness model to land an international supplement ad for Dymatize Nutrition in Sept of 08 and now in December, he made his way onto the cover of Inside Fitness.

Yoga Blocks

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Do you yoga? If you do, are you using a yoga block or other prop that facilitates your moves? Yoga blocks are small exercise aids made of cork or foam. They help make yoga practitioners more comfortable while also improving one’s alignment. Blocks are inexpensive and can really make a difference in your workout, especially for certain positions.

The High-Protein, Low-Carb Pilgrim Diet

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By Bonnie Pfiester

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast known as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations. I’ve often wondered what was on their menu back then. Something tells me it wasn’t high-calorie stuffing and pumpkin pie.

From what I understand, a person’s social standing determined the food they ate. The best food was placed closest to the most important people at the table. Instead of sampling everything, people just ate what was next to them.

Although the traditional Thanksgiving meal typically includes a big turkey or ham, we eat more side dishes than meat. The seventeenth century meal would have included a lot more protein from meats like deer and wild fowl.

Does Vitamin C Help the Common Cold?

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By Dr. Sean Hashmi

We all know what a nuisance the common cold can be. For over 60 years people have thought that Vitamin C was a great defense. In fact, Vitamin C’s popularity in treating the common cold rose greatly in the 1970’s when the Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling stated its effectiveness based on an earlier trial. But the question remains that whether or not there is any evidence to support the efficacy of Vitamin C?

Raw Food Movement

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We’ve discussed the benefits of raw food before, but I’d like to devote a little more time to the raw food movement. The push to eat all-natural, unprocessed, organic foods has taken hold of many dejected dieters. Unlike other fad diets, in which the weight piles back on the second you stop dieting, the raw food diet is a movement and a lifestyle change.

Cirque Du Soleil’s Ka - A Review and a Workout

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By Ozzie Jacobs

An avid lover of the grace, strength and beauty of martial arts, dance and gymnastics I have always wanted to go to a Cirque Du Soleil show. This weekend I finally made the decision to do it. The show I opted to see was KA, the story of young twins separated only to find their way back together in a quest that involved extravagant fighting scenes, spectacular stage effects, and two love stories so warm they made my heart smile.

As a personal trainer and former fitness competitor that has dabbled in martial arts, dance, and gymnastics I truly appreciated the skill and dedication of these performers. The acrobatics precisely timed to music, the rhythmic gymnastics, and the pure endurance required to manipulate a stage that was rotated from flat to perpendicular (and all of the angles in between). The stunts must have required a tremendous amount of cardiovascular endurance, body control, and strength. Although most of the performers were only slightly taller than me (I’m only about 5’ 2”) they were small packages of tremendous power and sculpted physiques were rampant, I was truly in awe.

Diet Tales from Hollyweird

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The next time you’re desperately trying a new diet or attempting to quench a craving with a quirky trick, remember this: no matter what lengths you go to in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, there’s always someone who’s even crazier than you. Food for thought:

  • Julia Roberts eats on only blue plates in her home. Research has demonstrated that the color blue is an appetite suppressant.

Group Exercise: An Affordable, Effective Way to Get in Shape

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By Bonnie Pfiester

When I think of aerobics classes I can’t help but think of Jazzercise, leotards, and leg warmers. Thank goodness aerobics classes have evolved over the years into so much more than just floor aerobics and bad styles.

Today, health clubs offer a large spectrum of group exercise like Spinning, Kickboxing, Pilates, Step, Zumba, and even seated exercise classes for seniors.

So, why is group exercise growing by leaps and bounds? First and foremost, group exercise offers affordable professional guidance. Since many people can’t afford one-on-one training, group classes are a great alternative. Whether it’s learning proper form or just being motivated, group classes offer the direction, education, and encouragement so many people need.

Celebrity Gossip, Diet, Lauren Conrad, Whole Foods

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How does “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad stay so slim? One of her secrets is the food she buys. Laguna Beach alum LC was recently spotted at Whole Foods Market in Los Angeles, making her weekly grocery pickup.

Growing up, Lauren was constantly athletic and active, maintaining a trim physique on her 5’6 frame. In recent years, however, her physical activity level slowed as she became more involved in pursuits of a career in fashion design and reality television endeavors and endorsements.

Determined to make her body a priority, Conrad turned to trainer Jarrett Del Bene, who created a customized plan for LC and her aspiring-“mactress” roommate, Audrina Partridge.

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